Sunday, July 29, 2012

How would you like this job?

Everyone at one time or another, thinks they have a job that is "the pits" as we say here in Australia. But if you are ever having a bad day or that your work conditions 'suck', take comfort in the knowledge that there is always someone with a worse job.

I really don't think these contractors are going to come down every 2-3 hours to get a smoko break, do you?

I think you call your smoko breaks a crib break? Whatever you call it, on the ground its a luxury but for these contractors just getting back onto the ground would be a luxury.

Imagine how horrible it would be if they had a sudden attack of diarrhea. Perhaps this is another reason to make sure your prostrate is in good working order....all it takes is one little go get it done for the sake of your health. You just never know where your next job could take you.

Mens health is always important.